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the historical characters of the Promenades Fantômes. Follow Marie Rivière through the back alleys of Quebec City and listen to her dark, yet sometimes quite funny stories.


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"It was our pleasure to take the evening ghost walk tour with Alice. She was informed, animated and made learning fun. It was a great way to learn the early history of the city, and far better than general tour. Our thanks for offering this and we will recommend it."

− Jeff, Ang and Bron

"The actors' performance, the historical research, the unfolding of the evening... everything was excellent! Laughters, intrigues and emotions, everything was there. A thousand times BRAVO!"

− Eric G.

"BRAVISSIMO! I've been surprised, charmed and touched by your many performances. Your team is effective and passionate. I only have congratulations for you and be sure that I will talk about this must see event in Quebec City."

− Anthony B.

"The professionalism of the actors and the kindness of our guide completely charmed us. Bravo!"

− Pierre P.

"We participated in an interactive street theatre on August 23rd and just loved it. We strongly recommend it, it was a delightful evening"

− Helen N.

"We had a wonderful time during the ghost walking tour, guided by Ms. Valerie Bedard! Not only did she present the tour professionally but her charismatic personality was catchy and made this tour on my must to do list that will be shared to family and friends. This is my first visit in Quebec and have thoroughly enjoyed what this beautiful city has offered! Thanks for being a part of it."

− Shirley T.

"I have done walking tours all over the world, and the one delivered by your team was one of the best I have ever been a part of!"

− Corey M. , Anderson Vacations

"We recently did the 90 min guided tour and it was brillant. Etienne kept us entertained the whole way, taking us from horrified one minute to laughing our heads off (no pun intended) the next. I recommend this tour for anyone wanting to wander Old Quebec after dark."

− Stuart T.


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